Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Easy Chicken Recipes for Dinner

Chicken is such a versatile meat many recipes can be made with it. I am a working mom out for the whole day; in evening I hardly get time to think about what to cook for dinner. So an idea came to my find why not to use variant recipes for making dishes with chicken that can actually make my life easy. So what I did, I shopped for chicken meat and other required ingredients during weekends. I kept the chicken in store ready in the freezer so as to maintain its freshness.

Now time to look for something never tried before chicken recipes.

Bored of the repeated chicken recipes I browsed internet for some new ones. I came across the following ones which have been mentioned here one by one. All of these are tried, tested and their taste is also good. Let’s check them here:

Cooking chicken here with a difference. The sweet savory taste of honey adds a different flavor to his dish as it is so easy to cook blended with rich flavors.  It is made with the Honey Mustard from Big Island Bees. This is one of my favorites as I have added honey to chicken for the first time in my life. I am sure my kids will love this one.