Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Benedict Deviled Eggs

benedict deviled eggs recipe

Deviled eggs is the favorite recipe of many people including me. Whether it is a salsa deviled eggs or the spicy one. I love deviled eggs in every form. I like eggs in each form whether it is sunny side ups, omelets, hard boiled and even egg benedict. Eggs are the best thing for breakfast and in fact, I love them in lunches too.

Late in the afternoon today I was looking for some quick snack bites to eat and at the same time, I was too choosy to eat something and also want to try something new altogether. So, I did some surfing and all to look for some options but didn’t find anything interesting so I just opened my fridge to check what all I got. I saw that I had hollandaise sauce, eggs and bacon! And boom!! This recipe popped into my head which I read quite a long back and decided to make this recipe for my late afternoon snacks.

At times, I just feel so hungry for no reason and at that time I just need something quick, easy and super scrumptious. This simple recipe can also be served with evening tea or coffee or even you can serve this recipe in the party. We are drizzling hollandaise sauce over spiced deviled eggs instead of poached eggs but it taste great and it taste more creamier and tastier. Let’s not waste any time and start cooking –

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fresh Orange Glazed Chicken Recipe

Slow cooking or slow cooker recipes are always simple and easy to make. Although slow cooker recipes does take time because the cooking procedure is slow but it taste great and food ingredients cooked with this method are always tender and juicy.
By this method, cooking chicken recipes or any other meat recipes is easy and they are always tender and soft and full of flavors and aroma. Today I am making a simple dish called orange glazed chicken recipe. This recipe is not just simple but the flavors are tangy and mouthwatering. You can serve this recipe with simple steamed rice. This recipe got flavors of Chinese ingredients plus it also requires frying before cooking it in a crack-pot.

I got this recipe from one of my friend and later I tried this recipe with a slow cooker and also I made many changes to make this recipe more flavorsome. In this the crisp fried chicken pieces are later cooked in the orange marinade which makes a juicy, sticky sauce which taste great with rice in fact, serve it with butter rice to bring out the flavors more.
You can make slow cooker recipe at low settings for 5-6 hours or cook them at high settings for 3 hours. Today I am setting my crock pot at high settings for 2-3 hours. Whenever I use crock pot I start my cooking at 5 p.m. or something once I am back from work and in the mean time I do all my household activities by 9 p.m., my dinner is ready to be served. I eat my dinner do some official work-watch some TV and hit my sack, simple life. It’s more relaxing and help me to complete my work without worrying about my dinner.
Anyways let’s not waste any time and start cooking this wonderful recipe –