Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Avoid These Mistakes To Make Vegetable Recipes Perfectly

We all know that our food is incomplete without the use of veggies. These hold much of importance in cooking as these are used in almost every recipe that we make. Hardly any such recipe is there where it doesn’t make use of them. Here I have listed some of the common goof ups that we commit while making them.

These are listed here one by one:
  • Skipping the basic cooking process of veggies:
Basic cooking is required for almost all of the recipes you can’t use them as raw. Yes it true some veggies are good when served as raw. Some of them give more nutrients when they are partially cooked and it also makes them tastier to eat.
  • Preparing them in advance
I prefer to do things in advance like peeling and cutting the vegetables beforehand. This should not be done with veggies actually it makes them lose their nutrients and also freshness. Its better keep them in the fridge and then once you want to make them then only peel and wash them.
  • Not cooking the Veggies properly
Don’t ever forget to overcook the veggies as it may unnecessarily spoil them. Carrots and peas take more time to cook rather than spinach so you need to take care of the timings. If you are making a mixed vegetable recipe then cook firstly those which take more time rather than the one’s which can be cooked easily this way you can end up into something quite good to eat .
  • Not doing Caramalization of Onions
Onions are used in every recipe that we make in our daily menu. It’s better that you do the caramalization of onions properly to make them taste better. Take 30 minutes out in your entire recipe’s cooking time and then caramelize onions. Make sure that the onions are sautéed properly.
  • Creating mess up in the pan while cooking
Mixing all of the ingredients together in the pan is again a great mess. Use of small pan and over flowing it with veggies doesn’t let them caramelize rather than they are steamed so make use of right amount of oil and go for bigger pans to come up with a good recipe
  • Forgetting about the seasoning part
Skipping the seasonings of the vegetables is again a blunder. As proper seasonings adds flavor to your dish. Don’t forget to do that.

You know what I actually followed all these steps now I have come up with really good vegetable recipes. Otherwise in my family nobody liked to eat them as they always tend boring with same taste.

Now adding different flavorings, seasonings, and herbs helps me come up with great dish every day.
I put in some efforts to look out some of the best brands which can offer me some good tasty vegetable recipes. I came up with Knorr vegetable recipes and food vegetable recipes . Definitely you will love this and will avoid these mistakes in future to make perfect vegetable dishes. 

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