Friday, 30 August 2013

Peanut Aloo: Potatoes cooked in mustard with peanuts

These days many people are adopting vegetarian foods and becoming vegetarian. If you are a vegan or planning to convert into one; just keep one thing in mind include protein in your diet for sure. Well, I am not a vegan but I simply enjoy vegetarian food. Recently I went to my friend’s place for dinner. Her name is Neha and she is an Indian. Her mother cooked some amazing dishes and what I loved the most was Peanut Aloo (potato). It’s a perfect vegetable side dish you can have. 

It was a very simple recipe and I haven’t waste a single moment and asked all the details about this fantastic recipe from her mother. I tried this recipe at home and I served it with a dip. The most complementing recipe to this recipe could be easy spinach dip recipes. Spinach dips made from yogurt is not just healthy but taste amazing. You can also try the cheesy version it taste great any which ways. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

An Easy 7 Layer Dip Recipe

Planning for a get together? What would be in the menu? What are the dishes you can serve? A heart winning dish which is easy, fun and delicious are dip recipes; isn’t it? Everybody like dips whether a kid or an adult. You can serve this with chips, nachos, chicken wings, Buffalo wings or with any dipper you like. Dips simply add that extra flavor and zing to that dish.

Today I am sharing an amazing recipe that I found on Yahoo shine. I just made few little changes and have added my flavors and some extra ingredients to make this recipe just grand. Everybody in my family and friends who were there in that party simply enjoyed this dip. Fall is about to come and believe me, you will love this refreshingly easy recipe.

This is a quick and easy recipe that can be made in just 10 minutes or so. Without wasting any time, let’s cook! Oops! it’s a no-cook recipe :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

7 Yummilicious Chicken Soup Recipes

Warm and nutritious and with healing powers nothing can beat a bowl full of chicken soup. Chicken contains protein, which is absent from most vegetable based soups. Chicken soup is not just healthy but it contains all the nutrients like protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, vital vitamins and minerals if we add some fresh vegetables in it. And if you want to add some carbohydrates serve it with pasta recipes or rice sides of your choice.

Ideally soups are considered as a first-course or an appetizer which is served before the main course and any other snacks. But these days because of health reasons people prefer something light in their dinner and likely to have soups which are not just nutritious but it fills tummy too. There are many variations in the soups, some people prefer clear soup, some prefer smooth creamy soups or some just like there soup as raw and elementary that pieces or chunk come into their mouth and they have plenty of time to chew their soup as well. Eating soup is a great way to keep oneself fit. Just avoid heavy cream, sour cream or cheeses in too much of quantity to make the soup nutritious.

In today’s post I am sharing 7 amazing chicken soup recipes that you can try. These soup recipes are not just healthy but quick and easy to make too. I have gathered these recipes from the web’s best collection of chicken soups. I hope you enjoy these recipes. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rustic Chicken Veggie Soup

Soups are the healthiest option that you can have in dinner. Soup recipes are abundantly available on online sites, cookbooks and recipes from our mothers and grannies. However, one need to understand the nutritional values of a soup. Adding cream or fats no doubt make soup little creamy and flavorful but unnecessarily adds extra calories in the soup. So, if you are a weight-watcher or health freak then you need to understand the goodness of each and every ingredient that you add in the recipe.

If you are planning to have soup in dinner as a meal. Then it is important to have soups which are filling but without making it overly full. Today I am making a soup named Rustic Chicken Veggie Soup. This soup got all the flavors of chicken and vegetables and have a chunky and chewy texture which allow you to eat (or chew) your soup which again help you make your tummy full.

This recipe is inspired from Macro Pierre White. He made this recipe only with vegetables but I have added chicken breasts in it which make this recipe not just scrumptious but a complete delight. I just few little changes here and there. I like my soups to have a chewy texture but if you want you can simply puree it with a blender to have a smooth texture; still I will suggest to keep the texture rustic and raw as it will give you fiber and roughage for the proper digestion. You can mash the veggies if you want!

So, let’s start cooking!!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Delicious Meal Under Your Budget

When it comes to eating in budget forget about eating in a restaurant. Planning and budgeting is really important when it comes to grocery and gourmet food shopping. It’s ideal to make to list of shopping so that you don’t waste your money in buying unnecessary stuffs. One more thing you have to understand there are few ingredients on which you have to splurge a little then to other where to spend some penny-pinches.  Categorize them and later go for shopping.

Today’s post got 5 recipes that you can try this season and these recipes can be prepared in a budget of $10. One more thing, I collected these recipes from online and tried to look for the nutritional value of each. These recipes are simple and quick and good for college students, busy moms and dads and for families who look for delightful meals in an affordable prices.

So let’s not waste any time, and start discussing what all recipes we can try –