Thursday, 8 August 2013

Delicious Meal Under Your Budget

When it comes to eating in budget forget about eating in a restaurant. Planning and budgeting is really important when it comes to grocery and gourmet food shopping. It’s ideal to make to list of shopping so that you don’t waste your money in buying unnecessary stuffs. One more thing you have to understand there are few ingredients on which you have to splurge a little then to other where to spend some penny-pinches.  Categorize them and later go for shopping.

Today’s post got 5 recipes that you can try this season and these recipes can be prepared in a budget of $10. One more thing, I collected these recipes from online and tried to look for the nutritional value of each. These recipes are simple and quick and good for college students, busy moms and dads and for families who look for delightful meals in an affordable prices.

So let’s not waste any time, and start discussing what all recipes we can try –

Meatloaf recipes These are my personal favorites, it’s not just easy to cook but the flavors and tastes are simple awesome. Juicy, flavorsome and with right ingredients and temperature you can’t go wrong with this recipe. Serve it with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies and you are way to go.  This recipe cost under $10. 

Another interesting recipe is Grown-Up GrilledCheese SandwichesThis recipe costs just $2.14 per serving. Sandwiches packed with veggies and cheese can be served with zesty dill pickle.

Third is Italian Turkey Sliders with HoneyDijon MayoThis recipe will cost just $0.90 for two slider. A kid friendly recipe and everyone just loves it. Super easy and quick with packed full of flavors and taste that you can’t miss.  

Another interesting recipe is Mac and CheeseI don’t have to say much about this recipe. The name of this macaroni and cheese says it all. It is also known as the in comfort food. This recipe falls under $10 dollars for each serving.

Last but not the least, Ham & SpaghettiAlfredoThis recipe not just cooks in 20 minutes but cost just $4.66. The flavors of Alfredo sauce, diced ham, red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese just goes in harmony and is a delight for your taste buds.

These are just 5 recipes that I have shared. There are hundreds of recipes available which falls under $10 dollar range. You just have to plan out the things accordingly and look for some great deals and offers given by the super market while buying your groceries. If you have any recipe idea which falls under the same category. You can share with us under the comments below.

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