Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Get Away with These Soup Slipups

It is a well-known fact that out of all the cooking recipes making soups is quite an easy task as it doesn’t need much of the cooking expertise. What it needs is a bit of patience and avoiding certain list of mistakes. We all know these are of utmost demand mostly in winters as they literally warm up your bones and make you feel energetic.  

Actually I myself do numerous mistakes while making soups so I thought why not to look for their solutions on the web. Below I have listed few of them which may be of some help to those who do encounter these mistakes while making soups just like me.

Don’t let the soup boil just simmer it:

Boiling literally makes your soup content completely dry and viscous just. Go for simmering it lets the flavors from ingredients to come out smoothly with a rich texture.

Don’t use much of the salt:

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Don’t ever put salt at the beginning while preparing soups as you may end up with something which is too much salty hence spoiling it. Always add it in the end because simmering let’s all the flavors come out so you may need a pinch of it. This will prevent you from making an overly-salty soup. 

Use water instead of stock:

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Some believe that making soup in a stock is good but this is a misconception as sometimes if you haven’t checked the taste of the ready made stock it may spoil your whole soup recipe. But it is a proven fact that making soups in water lets its flavor of ingredients go well. Simply keep this in mind add the right amount of salt that too in the end.

Don’t add tomatoes at the start:

Acidic nature of tomatoes keeps beans and other vegetables go crunchy. So add them when last 20 minutes are left for your dish to cook.

Don’t overcook the vegetables:

Do saute onions garlic and then add water and beans, and also simmer it. Repeat this step with every soup recipe as these are basic ingredients which add flavor to every soup. Carrots should be added in last half an hour otherwise they come out soppy.

I hope the if you skip the above listed mistakes you can certainly end up with a soup that is worth serving to your loved ones and bring smile to them.

I generally like to prepare soups in the weekends and sit and relax in my balcony which is garden facing. I enjoy every sip of the soup with a view of my garden which is layered with rich blanket of green grass and beautiful flower beds.

Let me share my secret soups (just joking) from Knorr soup recipes and Delia Soups that I generally prefer to make as they easy to make and meet my taste buds.