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While Cooking Shrimp Recipes – Skip These GoofUps

Among the huge variety of seafood Shrimp is one of the most widely used as you can prepare many variant recipes using it as one of the main ingredient. It is the richest source of protein with cooking time which is far less in comparison to other meat types. In market it is available in many different forms such as frozen, raw etc. So it all depends on your choice and cooking expertise which one you want to try your hand at.

But beware it’s not that easy, but you can take this challenge simply by keeping the following listed points in your mind while cooking the shrimp recipe.

You may hardly get to read such tips anywhere else as I have tried to represent all of them in a much better way.

Read here one by one as follows:

Once Purchase Cook Immediately:

Image Source: nationalgeographic.com/
Shrimps are very delicate they lose their taste very soon. So after every purchase of the shrimp never ever wait for more than 24hrs to cook them. As they are available in far flung sea beach areas so already they are kept frozen during the transportation process. So if possible cook them immediately otherwise they may taste like Ammonia which means throw them into the dustbin. The one’s which are good to use for cooking taste like briny and are very fresh.

Missed out the Defrosting of Frozen Shrimp:

Image Source: soupandbread.net

Dipping frozen shrimp directly into water brings down the temperature at which cooking is taking place and hence your shrimp is left partially cooked. Don’t mess it off, simply defrost the shrimp it just takes few minutes of yours. For defrost put them into the running water which brings it to the normal room temperature.

Use of Improper Cut Shrimp:

Image Source: simplyrecipes.com

Those who use a dull knife to devein shrimp can leave them with soppy shrimp. These are soft at touch so little bit of mishandling hole cutting them into pieces will ruin your entire shrimp recipe.  So use sharp knife and cut them as shown in the picture above.

Not cooking with Shrimp Shells/Heads:

                                           Image Source: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
The shrimp flavor is mostly stored into its head and shell part. It is recommended to cook shrimp in their shells as this makes it taste better. So always freeze them and then later sauté them in your favorite set of herbs and seasonings and get the best of the best shrimp dish ready at dinner table.

Don’t Overcook the Shrimp:

               Image source: flickr.com/photos/davidreber/5924315534/sizes/z/in/photostream/
The trick for this is that shrimps which remain straight in shape after cooking are undercooked perfectly. Those who turn into C shape are properly cooked and shrimp which have taken O- shape are overcooked hence leaving them look like so sad and bad. I hope you never ever get to eat them during your lifetime.
Now is the time to share with you all the top three (as per my choice) YouTube URLs Knorr Shrimp Alfredo Recipe , Shrimps and Grits Recipe , Tempura Shrimp Recipe wherein the shrimp recipes have been shared and discussed hence try them this weekend. Please do keep in mind the above mentioned points once you start the cooking process. Cheers!

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