Thursday, 26 December 2013

Amazing Slow Cooker Recipes for the Coming Year

Slow cooker is an amazing appliance which makes cooking easier and hassle free. With a slow cooker you can imagine a scene, where you are coming back from long tiring day from work and while entering the door your house welcome you with an enticing aroma and slow cooked dinner. Sounds astonishing isn’t it!
In slow cooker, meat and chicken recipes are cooked in the most tender and moist way. It got all the juices and since the meat has been cooked by the slow cooking method it’s the most aromatic and tasty dish you can have. Other than this slow cooker is amazing for beef recipes too. It cook beef amazingly moist and tender. 

Slow cooker also makes amazing soups and stews. There are plenty of recipes that you can try all around the year with a slow cooker and all you have to do is put the precise ingredients, set the temperature settings and then just leave to cook by itself. I believe slow cooker is a boon for many people. People like students, singletons, people those who works in shifts and have bare minimum time to spend in kitchen and also busy moms who are busy nursing their kids and toddlers. If you will check online, you will find plenty of cookbooks offering recipes for slow cooker and few of them are pretty amazing too. 

Today, I am sharing few amazing recipes that I have tried all around the year. These recipes are easy and simple to make. I hope you will like these recipe list of slow cooker –

Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Christmas Meal Ideas for 2013

Christmas is just after few days and it’s time to decide our menu for Christmas lunch and dinner. In today’s post I am sharing meal ideas that you can try on Christmas. I am jotting down the list of recipes that will make your guest go gala over your cooking skills. 

In particular the things we make on Christmas are cakes and puddings, roasted turkey or chicken, any favorite beef recipe that’s been a tradition for years in your family, cookies and ginger man, salads and dressings, dips and finger food etc. If you have a huge family like mine, holidays means lots of work at home and making dinner is a carnival itself. Therefore, I had planned the menu beforehand so that there is no confusion as such. Christmas is just a way of saying that winter won’t lasts for long and when sun will come again a new life, new beginning will start with ray of new hope. 

Nevertheless, let’s discuss what all we can make this Christmas. I will share the name of dishes which you can make in lunch first and then for dinner – 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

This Christmas make some Spanish rice for Dinner

When Christmas is around not just gifts and decorations are important but the Christmas recipes that you will make are considered to be important too. As we all know, a meal consists of an appetizer or starter, main course, side dishes, gravies or dip recipes, desserts and drinks. A complete meal is consist of each item but in an order. In this, sides are very important like you have vegetable or chicken side dishes or pasta sides or rice sides or whatever you prefer as side dish along with main dish. In fact, quinoa is also served if you are health conscious people.
Anyways today’s bottom line is what you will serve on Christmas Eve. I was planning to serve some Spanish rice sides this festival. There are many recipes for Spanish rice available online and even in our granny’s cookbooks. Spanish rice is also known as Mexican rice as it is available in Northern Mexico. This recipe is mostly famous in Southwestern United States especially, there are many families who make this recipe exclusively for Christmas. This rice sides go perfectly with roasted or baked chicken or turkey. Spanish rice is an appetizing recipe that goes perfectly with seafood, chicken, beef, or just by itself. This recipe is juicy and tangy and completely moist which makes it really flavorsome and delicious. Well I am not sure about the recipe’s name that how they started calling it Spanish rice, because it got nothing with Spain.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Easy meatball Recipe: Cranberry and Cheesy Turkey Meatballs

One of my favorite recipe is meatball recipe. Simple, yum and versatile. Serve them as a gravy main course or just serve them solely as a nice appetizer. Today I am sharing an appetizer version of this recipe, if you feel like you can even put them in a gravy of your choice. I got this recipe from one of my friend on thanksgiving and I just tried to make this recipe in my own style and made few changes to make it more as an appetizer recipe.

You can simply serve this recipe with any dip recipe of your choice and I served them with cold vegetable dip. It tasted just awesome. In this recipe I used minced turkey you can also use chicken if you like. I also added Parmesan cheese in the middle which was a complete delight as it just gets melted in the mouth. You can exclude the cheese if you are a fitness freak but I would suggest to add it a little. Believe me it tastes just awesome.
The cranberry uplifts this recipe and add the perfect zing to this recipe. Anyways let’s jot down this recipe quickly –

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Grilled Pork Delight: Coffee and Molasses Pork Chops

I am addicted to coffee so whenever I hear coffee it fascinates me and encourage me to think, what all I can cook with coffee. And one of my friends knows this addiction of mine and sent me this amazing grilled pork chop recipe made from coffee and molasses. When I saw the name, I had started drooling and decided to make this recipe ASAP.

I just made few more changes in this recipe. This recipe is originally cited in Taste of Home’s website. This recipe is indeed super scrumptious and addictive. *Don’t get confused with what I had said about my addiction with coffee and don’t think that I love this recipe because of coffee; but believe me this recipe is really addictive in terms of taste, flavors, richness*

This recipe was such a hit in my family that I have decided to make this easy recipe again and this time for Christmas dinner. It’s juicy, tender and super moist. For glazing, again coffee is used so the flavor of coffee is strong but not over powering. Anyways let’s get into some serious cooking –

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dinner Ideas for your Busy Weeknights

Weeknights means super busy and hectic days. For me Tuesday and Wednesday are the most tiring day in a week. Not just I am busy at work but feels lazy too, to cook on these particular days. God knows why! So, on these particular days I actually look for some easy dinner ideas.

Anyways this weekend I was planning and scheduling my work assignments and I got this wonderful mail from my very old friend, she has sent me some wonderful pictures of her vacation and asked for a favor that write something on weeknight meals and dinner ideas. Well frankly speaking, I thought it is a great idea. Plan your dinner menu beforehand. Why didn’t I get this idea before? :O

There is a famous quote by Calvin Trillin; it says – The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found... hehehe... Quite true! It is okay to use leftovers at times on weeknights but making some healthy recipes is important too. So, today I am sharing 3 easy recipes that you can make on any busy weeknights. This menu is consists of a soup recipe, main dish and lastly an easy dessert.

Today’s Menu is –
  • Chicken and Asparagus Stove Top Casserole
  •   Steak Tacos- Griddle Style and
  • Chocolate and Banana Filled French Toasts

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Simple Home-cooked Spaghetti Sauce

home-made spaghetti sauce

It’s like a trend at my place, each approaching Christmas I make a nice home-made spaghetti sauce and store it for further use. I guess for any Italian kitchen, all you need is a worthy tomato sauce. This spaghetti sauce is versatile and can be used in almost anything you are cooking. It not just add that tangy flavors to that dish but make it super scrumptious.
With crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, chopped garlic, onion bell pepper and fresh herbs believe me, you’ll be making this recipe all around the year. You can use this sauce in spaghetti and meat ball recipes. Simply cook some chicken or beef meatballs with ground beef add cooked spaghetti or cooked pasta and top this with spaghetti sauce and sprinkle some grated cheese. Yum simple and easy dinner recipe that gets cooked in just few minutes.
Store in a jar and put it in a refrigerator and use it whenever you want. In few spaghetti sauce they also add minced meat or beef but I am keeping it vegetarian so that I can use this even on Meatless Mondays. You can make a spaghetti sauce even in slow cooker too but I will suggest use slow cooker when you are cooking it with beef, otherwise tomatoes are too tender and can be cooked in skillet pan or saucepan easily. 

Nevertheless, let’s jot down the recipe –

Friday, 6 December 2013

Nutritious Quinoa Mushroom Risotto

If I talk about mushrooms then mushrooms are one of the healthy vegetable/fruit that you can include in your diet. Mushrooms are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free and very low in sodium, yet they provide important nutrients, including selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and many more. They are rich in anti-oxidants and improve your immunity, additionally they also have the properties to protect you from cancer. Hence, you can see this small little vegetable is a wonder veggie. 

Anyways I was thinking over mushroom risotto from quite a long. Traditionally, risotto is an Italian rice recipe that is cooked in broth, wine, cheese and Arborio rice until it’s creamy and smooth. It’s rich and flavorsome and definitely falls under holiday and celebration recipes. Mushroom risotto is an easy and simple recipe that you can make in any party or festival. It is known as the first course of the meal too. You can try varieties of options like mushroom & chicken risotto, or seafood risotto, simple vegetable risotto etc. what I was looking for some interesting healthy twist to this recipe and I found one. 

Instead of Arborio rice, you can use Quinoa too. Amazing isn’t it? However, adding quinoa doesn’t make this recipe boring or tasteless. This recipe is still creamy and flavorsome. You can in fact bring some interesting twist to this recipe i.e. by adding 3 types of mushrooms instead of one. This is a simple recipe and believe me there is no rocket science in making this recipe. 

Anyways let’s start cooking, I can’t wait to share this awesome recipe with you all –

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dinner Tonight: Picky Eater’s Dinner Ideas

Whether you are a mom of picky eater or you have fussy eaters at home, deciding menu for them is always a challenge! You are always in a dilemma what to cook and what not to cook. Quite frustrating isn’t it? Anyways today I’m sharing few recipe ideas that you can try for dinner.

If we take a general survey most picky eaters don’t like to eat vegetables. They like meat or chicken recipes more than any spinach or kale recipe. However, we all know vegetables are important too. So how can you make someone eat a healthy dish without making them realize, what they are eating? In today’s content I will also give some tips and tricks to handle the tantrums of a picky eater. So, let me ask you guys out – “Dinner tonight??!!” 

Anyways if you have any feedback please share with me, I really love your feedback as it helps me to understand the things better and it will help me to make things more organized and controlled. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipe: Chicken Breast Cooked in Foil

From years, chicken cooked in foil is my favorite recipe for dinner. It’s not just easy and quick to make but it’s healthy too. Just put some veggies, seasoned chicken breast and herbs in a packet of foil and put it in an oven to cook for 35-40 minutes, that’s it. Your easy scrumptious meal is ready. 

I used to make this all easy recipe when I was in college and used to feel too lazy to cook anything off late. This recipe was the rescuer and the best thing about this recipe was I didn’t had to order any junks or pizza for my dinner (I am a fitness freak and always take care what goes in my mouth).

All you need is a thick foil paper for cooking, if you don’t have that cooking paper handy use two foil papers at the same time. Secondly it should be large enough to cover the whole chicken and veggies together, there should not be any space or vent from where the hot air can escape. Let the chicken cooked in all those aroma and flavors of herbs and vegetables. 

Second important ingredients are veggies you like to have from zucchinis to mushrooms, bell pepper to asparagus, potatoes and tomatoes. You can add anything which you like, make sure use fresh herbs. 

Anyways let’s start cooking – 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Easy No-Bean Chili Recipe

Winter are around the corner and the best recipe to have in winters is chili recipe. It’s warm, nourishing and wholesome recipe that you can have in dinner as well as in lunch. Chili recipe is known for its beans and ground meat in the ingredients some people also add 3 types of beans in the recipe. But what if a person is allergic to beans?

I have one cousin who is allergic to beans even to green beans which is the least allergic in the bean family. So making a chili recipe for him is always challenging. Lately, I was reading about the Paleo diet and read that there is always a confusion in the origin of a classic chili recipe. Some people say that real chili is made without beans whereas some say it’s made with beans. Anyways I like both versions of chili. But today I am making a simple recipe of chili without using beans.

I am trying to make this recipe according to Paleo Diet which is low in carbs and good for the people who are into fitness and weight loss. Nevertheless, this recipe also pleases the whole family. If you aren’t doing Paleo diet, you can top it with cheese and sour cream.

You can add lots of veggies in it to make it healthy and hale. Believe me, don’t go with a name if it’s Paleo. This recipe taste just great that you will make this recipe quite often. My cousin just loved it and said that now he will come to my place quite often for this bowl of bliss. Hehehe :D

So, let’s not waste any more time and start cooking – 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Slow Cooker Beef Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce is a whole-hearted Italian pasta-sauce in which ground beef or pork or any mix of minced meat are cooked for hours in milk, wine, tomatoes, and vegetables. Mostly people get confused it with ragù; better known as ragù alla bolognese. Genuine ragù alla bolognese is a complex sauce which involves slow cooking of minced meat and tomato sauce with different herbs and veggies. This sauce was served with pasta and it came from late 18th century Imola, near Bologna. That’s where the name Bolognese came from.  

This sauce is ideal for spaghetti and angle hair, but it can be used with any kind of pasta you have at home, like it goes well with Lasagna too. This recipe is rich in flavors and taste really earthy and amazing when served warm over the cooked spaghetti. Ideally this recipe requires slow cooking techniques so that flavors infuses completely into the dish. You can use slow cooker techniques for this recipe. This is one of the simplest and yummiest ground beef recipe that you can make in a slow cooker. This dish has become very popular in France, Libya, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, especially among children’s. Children love this recipe and the best thing is that you can add as many veggies you want to make it healthy for kids.  

We are making this recipe in a slow cooker, and therefore adding less of milk than usual as it may curdle in a slow cooker. And moreover you can also refrigerate this sauce for further use. Just thaw it and serve it with any pasta recipe of your choice. 

So let’s cooking one of my favorite ground beef recipes – 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Simple Recipe for Weekday Breakfast

Today we have a guest blogger, her name is Sylvia Dewy and She shared this amazing breakfast recipe with us. I hope you all will like her efforts! Her blog is -

When it comes to simple recipes, we all want something easy and quick to make. In lunches or dinners we manage the cooking time but when it comes to breakfast; mostly we are rushing to our work, getting kids ready for school, packing their lunchboxes and many more morning tasks which make a morning like a marathon.
Each day you can’t just have cereals and milk. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it’s important that we should have protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and other important fatty acids. Thinking about all this, you might have imagined a huge list of recipes in your mind. But here the secret is to keep it simple and easy!

We are making a healthy recipe consist of toasted breads for carbohydrates, baked eggs in spinach and tomatoes for protein, iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins A, B2, C and K. plus to drink we have a berry-licious smoothie (mix of different berries smoothies) rich in rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 and other vital antioxidants.

simple recipes

Let’s start cooking then -

Monday, 11 November 2013

Easy and Spicy Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled pork recipe, there are plenty of ways to make this recipe. Everyone has its own secret to make this, some like it spicy, some has their special ingredient to make this amazingly scrumptious recipe. Pork recipe or bacon is like favorite of many of us. I was looking for some easy and quick recipe without using slow-cooker. 

Slow cooker recipes are good but then it takes at least 5-6 hours of cooking. This recipe can be prepared in just 3 hours, which is comparatively quite less than the time taken by slow cooker. Well if I talk about this recipe more, I will not be lying to you when I say that following this recipe will give you the most perfect and juicy pulled pork you could ever get from your oven.

I have tried so many recipes before but this one is one of my favorite recipe. So now, simply forget about slow-cookers, pressure cooker pork, pork wrapped in aluminum foil etc. there are plenty of ways to cook pork. But this easy pork recipe, is just awesome. The flavors are spicy and mouthwatering. 
Keep reading, for this amazing recipe -  

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Easy Soup Recipe: Butternut Squash and Green Apple Soup

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Now the sweet November is here, all you can see thanksgiving images, tips, ideas and simple recipes for the upcoming holiday. People simply love this day, going to your relative’s place for a nice thanksgiving dinner. You chit-chat, talk and just enjoy the moment with your loved ones. It’s that special day when you bow thanks to god for everything you have. 

Thanksgiving is famous for its turkey dishes. But along with this you also need some side dishes, desserts and easy soup recipes. And who doesn’t like pumpkins. We start using this amazing vegetable from the Halloween and its use continues till Thanksgiving and Christmas too. A yummy warm pumpkin soup is perfect way to start your dinner on this festive season.

And today I am making this amazing soup – “Green Apple and Butternut Squash Soup”. This recipe is adapted from -

It’s really simple to make, yet amazingly flavored soup – it is a perfect way to begin a large meal. In this recipe, I used Granny Smith’s green apple and also a good quality curry powder. In fact I used the Indian curry powder but you can also use mild to medium hot powder according to your guest’s preferences. If they also like spicy soup Indian curry powder is really worth to try. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Easy Vegetable Side Dish - Savory Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole

Side dishes, whenever this term come to my mind, I always have to think what I will serve it with? But what if you can make a side dish as a main dish! Interesting, isn’t it? I was thinking about the Meatless Mondays and all I was looking for a recipe which is vegetarian plus healthy.

We all know that it is important to include vegetables in our meal and vegetable side dishes could be one of the best option to choose from. Here I got a recipe from a newsletter which suggests that it is a side dish but believe me; I and my family have enjoyed this recipe solely without making anything else and we served it with some cool drinks to go with it. 

In this recipe, you have green beans and mushrooms as main ingredients. Green beans and mushrooms are really healthy to have. Do you know, mushrooms are the only vegetable or fruit that contains Vitamin D and K. It’s healthy for the people suffering from diabetics, Type 2. This recipe also got bread crumbs in it, which gives this recipe a base and carbohydrates for the meal. 

Still if you want you can serve this recipe with baked chicken breast; Chicken breast and this vegetable side dish complement each other a lot and taste just incredible. This casserole recipe is easy to make and is completely hassle-free and fail-proof recipe that you can try this weekend. 

You can find the recipe here – 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Avgolemono Chicken Soup Recipe: A Bowl of Happiness!

Whenever we talk about soup recipes, chicken soup is one of the favorite of all. It’s comforting, tasty and really healthy. We all have our own style of making these soup recipes and mostly we stick to the recipe that we know from long. However, variety is the spice of life. So, try to look for the simple recipes which are not just easy to make but taste amazing too.

Secondly, soups are healthy and if you are into diet and trying to consume less calorie in day then soups are the great alternatives and amazing dinner idea too! A good old fashioned soup is chicken noodle soup which never go wrong in any specific day! 

Physicians and dieticians will always suggest you to intake protein in your diet. First, because it helps in developing a healthy body and secondly; protein keeps you full for longer period of time which don’t make you famish in between the meals. There are plenty of easy chicken recipes which you can try. But today we are trying this healthy yet super yummy chicken soup for dinner. This soup is traditionally known as Avgolemono. It is an amazingly creamy soup without a drop of cream. And the reason of this creamy texture is egg. Another healthy source of protein. In winter, it's cooked with rice and dished up piping hot. It’s really comforting and aromatic recipe that you can try this season.

You can find the recipe here –

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Honey Brined Chicken Breast Recipe

Who don’t like chicken breasts recipes and when it comes to health and weight-loss; chicken breasts are the best source of protein with no-fats in it. It’s healthy and nutritious. This recipe is one of the healthiest recipe that you can try this season. This quick and easy recipe is everyone’s favorite in my family, plus this recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. 

This recipe is juicy inside and crunchy from outside. It’s a simple recipe that can be served with buttered peas and mashed potatoes or any other vegetable side dish to complete the meal. 

Here is the recipe.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Tasty Health Benefits of Chili Recipe

Chili recipe is an ultimate cold-weather comfort food. More than just delicious, this healthy chili is a simple one-pot meal that can be made with ingredients you already have in your hands. In fact it can easily be pushed to feed a crowd on any Sunday brunches or any given Game Day.

The main ingredients of a chili recipe are different beans and ground beef. We all know the benefits of beef. Just make sure that you use leaner meat for healthy recipes. Now comes the beans; beans are available either in canned or dried. I prefer the dried ones as this way you can control the salt and other preservatives which you do not want to add. Beans are an excellent source of fiber, it provide an average of 6g of fiber per ½ cup. They contain both insoluble and soluble fiber, which may help in lowering the cholesterol, it also improves glucose control and prevent colon cancer and diverticulitis. To cook beans, make sure you soak them in normal water for overnight and then boil them and cook until it’s soft. 

Today I am sharing an easy chili recipe that you can make easily on any given day. The flavors are enticing and mouth-watering. But genuinely chili recipe is no rocket science everyone has their own recipe and ingredients for it. It’s all about creativity in flavors and taste. So just feel free to make some changes or alternatives in this recipe. 

Anyways without wasting time, let’s jot down the recipe – 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Recipes with Ground Beef: Beef Samosa and Last minute Lasagna

Ground Beef recipes are one of my favorite recipes and the recipes I am sharing over here are my all-time favorite. As I told you about my Indian friend Neha, she has introduced me with an awesome Indian snack called “samosa”, we can relate it with puffs; although they are fried and not baked! Believe me, the flavors still tickle my senses. I had tried the vegetarian version of this samosa filled with potatoes. But today I am sharing an awesome recipe of samosa with ground beef i.e. Beef Samosa. It’s a delight, mouthwatering and perfect snacks for parties too. Serve it with dips or just with some ketchup and you are good to go. 

The second simple recipe is Last Minute Lasagna! Who don’t like Lasagna but what’s more fascinating about this recipe is, that it is super quick and simple to make. This could be one of the real good dinner ideas for your weekend.

If I talk about the benefits of beef, then I would always suggest you to get lean beef for all your preparations. Beef contributes into the daily protein food intake, its rich in Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous and many more vital nutrients. Not only does it provide you with a bundle of essential nutrients, but it has one of the highest concentrations of these nutrients compared to many other proteins. Choose leanest cuts like Loin and Round for better health results.

Anyways without wasting much time, let’s start cooking. First I will share the recipe of Beef samosa and later the lasagna. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Game Day Recipe: Quick ‘n Hearty Nachos

It’s a Game Day! We all are aware of this excitement and enthusiasm that we all have. And along with this; it is important to have a memorable game day party too with some delicious and classic recipes loved by all. Game day is all about fun, enjoyment with your loved ones. It is about having some delicious finger foods and enjoy them with some delicious dips.

Guacamole is one of the favorite and healthy dip for this day that you try! But don't bore your crowd with the same old guac-and-chips combo: Impress them with more interesting and fresh recipes that can make your party memorable and your guest just don’t stop complimenting you and your food.

From single serves sandwiches, Buffalo wings, chicken tikkas to puffs, make dishes which are quick and easy and serve them in small proportions so that your guest can enjoy each and everything without overeating. Make sure you serve enough of drinks and punches to them to keep them hydrated and energetic.

Be imaginative and innovative here, if you want to try something new. Whether its football, basketball, baseball or any winter sport, this time of year is full of games to watch and teams to support for. Make sure you and your crowd are ready for a long day of cheering with touchdown-worthy appetizers and snacks. Plan your food that is easy to eat without utensils and doesn't spill. Make your menu which consists of salty and sweet both items. Simple recipes that you may try are – Quick ‘n Hearty Nachos to chips and dips, sandwiches, from buffalo wings to coco-cola chicken or any easy chicken recipes, brownies and cookies.

In dips, you can try guacamole, hummus, garlic dips, and vegetable dip etc. and serve it with chips and dippers of your choice. You can also serve them crunchy veggies along with these dips to make your menu healthy and nutritious. Everyone likes brownies and cookies you can make some easily for the crowd and this satisfy their sweet tooth too.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Easy Recipe for Dinner: Spaghetti in scallop and Marinara Sauce

Looking for some easy dinner ideas for a weeknight than this recipe is a solution to it. You can describe this recipe as - Super easy, fast, and delicious!!! This recipe is spicy yet yummilicious.

If I talk more about dinner ideas and menus, then I personally prefer to eat healthy and light food in night and a whole-grain pasta or spaghetti is always a good option for it. Red sauce or a sauce which is made from tomatoes contains less-fat or no fat as compared to the white ones. It’s easy to digest and if you like spicy tangy flavors then you will surely enjoy this recipe. Tomatoes are beneficial for our body; as they are sweet, juicy, and delicious and contains vitamin C in it. It is also a good source of Vitamins A, C, K, folate and potassium. On top of that, one serving of tomatoes can gives you 2 grams of fiber, which is 7% of the daily recommended amount. Tomatoes also have a relatively high water content, which makes them a filling food. So, if you are planning to reduce some weight tomatoes can surely help you here.

Talking about this recipe; this pasta recipe is really simple one. And it can be made within 30 minutes i.e. including the preparation and cooking time. In this recipe I am adding some scallops as well to make this recipe not just healthy but super yum too.

Let’s not waste any further time and start cooking –

Monday, 23 September 2013

Easy Chicken Jalapeno Dip

When you have friends and family come together just to watch some soccer game – Live. It’s like a grand event at your place. And if you are an American whether you love soccer or not, it’s still hard to avoid. Soccer is not about sitting on your food table and grazing food. But it’s all about Finger Food! And in this I love to serve chips and dippers with my favorite dips.

Anyways today I was in mood to indulge while eating. So I decided to make Chicken Jalapeno Dip. Different from any regular chicken recipes; jalapeno dip is an addiction. The other chicken dip I like the most is Buffalo Chicken Dip! Another fascinating thing about this dip is it’s easy to make and you can use leftover chicken pieces while making this dip too. Here, I am cooking the chicken first in the oven. A quick and easy recipe and one of the best food for any game menu.

The spicy taste of jalapeno, bell pepper and Tabasco sauce makes it really spicy and lip-smacking dip recipe to be served. But don’t worry about its heat, it can be adjusted as per your wish. Even kids love this recipe. So, without wasting any more time; lets jot down this disappearing chicken dip recipe, ingredients first and then the method.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cooking Tips for the Singletons

Cooking for singles isn’t easy, in fact is it’s costly. We rarely get food items sold is smaller proportions and in the time of credit crunch it’s not affordable. So, what can we do? Well, Bulk cooking is one of the solution to this problem.
In bulk cooking, you can make recipes in a bulk and later store them in the refrigerator. It will not just save time but it is an easy method too. Here, you can try some easy recipes like stews and curry recipes which can be stored easily and you can have it later by just reheating the food. Believe me it’s better than frozen foods which are available in the market.
Another thing that you can try is, make some nice hearty soups for you. Soup recipes are not just healthy and nourishing but it’s super easy to make too. Just boil some veggies, chicken or chili (beans) together or blend or you can also have the way they are i.e. if you like chunky pieces in your soup. You can store soups too, and again they are better than canned soups or prepackaged soups.
What else one can do?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Awesome Recipes of Sweet Potatoes

Lately I was reading about the benefits of sweet potatoes i.e. how they are the healthier alternative if compared to the normal potatoes. I read - it’s less in starch, more in fibers, rich in beta-carotene and anti-oxidants and many more. As I read more, I got to know that sweet potatoes are healthy for the people who are facing diabetics. Diabetic people can have sweet potatoes easily unlike those normal potatoes which are not recommended for them.

Many health shows or websites, tells you about its nutrient content and other health benefit. But what if you are not a fan of this vegetable. Many people just don’t like it. I know my cousin sister’s kids just refuse to eat sweet potatoes. However, you can’t ignore the benefits of this vegetable. I was really thinking that there has to be a method to cook sweet potatoes which make this vegetable easy to like. And then my hunt began to start looking for the recipes made from sweet potatoes.

Today, I am listing down 10 recipes for sweet potatoes in specified categories like Breakfast, Lunch, Side dishes, Dinner and Snacks & Desserts.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Peanut Aloo: Potatoes cooked in mustard with peanuts

These days many people are adopting vegetarian foods and becoming vegetarian. If you are a vegan or planning to convert into one; just keep one thing in mind include protein in your diet for sure. Well, I am not a vegan but I simply enjoy vegetarian food. Recently I went to my friend’s place for dinner. Her name is Neha and she is an Indian. Her mother cooked some amazing dishes and what I loved the most was Peanut Aloo (potato). It’s a perfect vegetable side dish you can have. 

It was a very simple recipe and I haven’t waste a single moment and asked all the details about this fantastic recipe from her mother. I tried this recipe at home and I served it with a dip. The most complementing recipe to this recipe could be easy spinach dip recipes. Spinach dips made from yogurt is not just healthy but taste amazing. You can also try the cheesy version it taste great any which ways. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

An Easy 7 Layer Dip Recipe

Planning for a get together? What would be in the menu? What are the dishes you can serve? A heart winning dish which is easy, fun and delicious are dip recipes; isn’t it? Everybody like dips whether a kid or an adult. You can serve this with chips, nachos, chicken wings, Buffalo wings or with any dipper you like. Dips simply add that extra flavor and zing to that dish.

Today I am sharing an amazing recipe that I found on Yahoo shine. I just made few little changes and have added my flavors and some extra ingredients to make this recipe just grand. Everybody in my family and friends who were there in that party simply enjoyed this dip. Fall is about to come and believe me, you will love this refreshingly easy recipe.

This is a quick and easy recipe that can be made in just 10 minutes or so. Without wasting any time, let’s cook! Oops! it’s a no-cook recipe :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

7 Yummilicious Chicken Soup Recipes

Warm and nutritious and with healing powers nothing can beat a bowl full of chicken soup. Chicken contains protein, which is absent from most vegetable based soups. Chicken soup is not just healthy but it contains all the nutrients like protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, vital vitamins and minerals if we add some fresh vegetables in it. And if you want to add some carbohydrates serve it with pasta recipes or rice sides of your choice.

Ideally soups are considered as a first-course or an appetizer which is served before the main course and any other snacks. But these days because of health reasons people prefer something light in their dinner and likely to have soups which are not just nutritious but it fills tummy too. There are many variations in the soups, some people prefer clear soup, some prefer smooth creamy soups or some just like there soup as raw and elementary that pieces or chunk come into their mouth and they have plenty of time to chew their soup as well. Eating soup is a great way to keep oneself fit. Just avoid heavy cream, sour cream or cheeses in too much of quantity to make the soup nutritious.

In today’s post I am sharing 7 amazing chicken soup recipes that you can try. These soup recipes are not just healthy but quick and easy to make too. I have gathered these recipes from the web’s best collection of chicken soups. I hope you enjoy these recipes. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rustic Chicken Veggie Soup

Soups are the healthiest option that you can have in dinner. Soup recipes are abundantly available on online sites, cookbooks and recipes from our mothers and grannies. However, one need to understand the nutritional values of a soup. Adding cream or fats no doubt make soup little creamy and flavorful but unnecessarily adds extra calories in the soup. So, if you are a weight-watcher or health freak then you need to understand the goodness of each and every ingredient that you add in the recipe.

If you are planning to have soup in dinner as a meal. Then it is important to have soups which are filling but without making it overly full. Today I am making a soup named Rustic Chicken Veggie Soup. This soup got all the flavors of chicken and vegetables and have a chunky and chewy texture which allow you to eat (or chew) your soup which again help you make your tummy full.

This recipe is inspired from Macro Pierre White. He made this recipe only with vegetables but I have added chicken breasts in it which make this recipe not just scrumptious but a complete delight. I just few little changes here and there. I like my soups to have a chewy texture but if you want you can simply puree it with a blender to have a smooth texture; still I will suggest to keep the texture rustic and raw as it will give you fiber and roughage for the proper digestion. You can mash the veggies if you want!

So, let’s start cooking!!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Delicious Meal Under Your Budget

When it comes to eating in budget forget about eating in a restaurant. Planning and budgeting is really important when it comes to grocery and gourmet food shopping. It’s ideal to make to list of shopping so that you don’t waste your money in buying unnecessary stuffs. One more thing you have to understand there are few ingredients on which you have to splurge a little then to other where to spend some penny-pinches.  Categorize them and later go for shopping.

Today’s post got 5 recipes that you can try this season and these recipes can be prepared in a budget of $10. One more thing, I collected these recipes from online and tried to look for the nutritional value of each. These recipes are simple and quick and good for college students, busy moms and dads and for families who look for delightful meals in an affordable prices.

So let’s not waste any time, and start discussing what all recipes we can try –