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Looking for some easy and quick recipes? Your search stops here. Hi, I am Stacy Deason a college graduate from Minnesota and a random blogger. Throughout my high school and college I used to cook for my friends and family. So, one of my dearest friend suggested me to start a blog and share my thoughts and recipes with the college students as well as with the people who are really busy and looking for some fun easy and quick recipes.

My grandmother taught me the skills of cooking [I miss herL]. She taught me really easy ways of cooking, it was fun watching her when she used to cook. She used to tell me the benefits and welfare of those recipes and ingredients used. It was fun! She used to say “Eating Healthy is Essential”. So, in this blog I will keep giving tips and suggestions over the recipes and the best alternative replacements for healthy ingredients and ideas.

About me – I am a fitness freak. I love to eat but in a right proportion and later burn that fat by cycling, running and spending time in the gym. Currently I am indulged into power yoga. It’s an awesome way to keep oneself fit.

Other interests are travelling, shopping, movies, hanging out with friends, music, dancing and many more. I am like any other girl who lives next door. I enjoy my life and work for living but believes in fun and adventure too. In fact this time, I was planning to visit India. That place really fascinates me J

The blogging community has inspired me to share knowledge and information to everyone. In return, I will have great experience, added knowledge and of course connectivity and networking with people throughout the world. So, it’s a give and take relationship that we gonna experience.

If you have any query or doubt feel free to comment or you can also email me at stacydotdeason@gmail.com


Stacy XOXO

Disclaimer: All content or posts provided in this blog is for informational purposes only. My blog does not represent or endorse any website, promote products or links for any monetary purposes. All information is provided on an as-is basis. This is a personal blog and the opinions expressed here represent my own thoughts.

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