Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Christmas Meal Ideas for 2013

Christmas is just after few days and it’s time to decide our menu for Christmas lunch and dinner. In today’s post I am sharing meal ideas that you can try on Christmas. I am jotting down the list of recipes that will make your guest go gala over your cooking skills. 

In particular the things we make on Christmas are cakes and puddings, roasted turkey or chicken, any favorite beef recipe that’s been a tradition for years in your family, cookies and ginger man, salads and dressings, dips and finger food etc. If you have a huge family like mine, holidays means lots of work at home and making dinner is a carnival itself. Therefore, I had planned the menu beforehand so that there is no confusion as such. Christmas is just a way of saying that winter won’t lasts for long and when sun will come again a new life, new beginning will start with ray of new hope. 

Nevertheless, let’s discuss what all we can make this Christmas. I will share the name of dishes which you can make in lunch first and then for dinner – 


  1. Roasted or Baked chicken – the most simple and classic recipe that you can try this season. Serve it with mashed potatoes and salads.
  2. Shrimp Scampi – The simplest and quickest recipe one can try. Shrimps take hardly 10 minutes to cook. Serve with rice sides and salmon (if needed). You can also serve it with pudding if you want.
  3. Chicken BBQ with grilled veggies – have some BBQ fun even if it’s snowing outside. Get an indoor BBQ and make some scrumptious grilled beef or pork chops and enjoy it with grilled vegetables.
  4. Mac and Cheese Pasta – Simple, easy and satisfying. This recipe is always been a favorite recipe of many people. You can try this recipe for Christmas lunch.
  5. Chicken Stew or Lentil soup – serving some soups and stews are always appetizing. Make some simple soup recipes which are rich in vegetables, lentils and beans, meat etc. you can also try noodle or rice soup which are a complete meal by itself.

Christmas dinner should be grand and appetizing. You should start with a starter and finish it with a nice dessert. Below are the meal ideas that you can try –
Appetizers or Starters

  • Crunchy Chicken Salad
  • Sushi
  • Dips and finger food
  • Caramelized popcorns
  • Mushroom risotto

Main Course

  • Mashed sweet potato
  • Crunchy baked beans
  • Fresh Creamy Bread sauce
  • Cranberry and orange sauce
  • Brussels sprouts with chestnut butter
  • Chocolate filled Macaroons
  • Chocolate yule log
  • Classic Chocolate Plum Cake
  • Classic Triffle
  • Christmas Cupcakes
I hope these meal ideas will help you to plan your Christmas menu better. If you have any ideas or meals to suggest please comment below or you can also send an email. Let’s make a best Christmas menu for 2013 which can flatter our guests for coming years!

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