Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cooking Tips for the Singletons

Cooking for singles isn’t easy, in fact is it’s costly. We rarely get food items sold is smaller proportions and in the time of credit crunch it’s not affordable. So, what can we do? Well, Bulk cooking is one of the solution to this problem.
In bulk cooking, you can make recipes in a bulk and later store them in the refrigerator. It will not just save time but it is an easy method too. Here, you can try some easy recipes like stews and curry recipes which can be stored easily and you can have it later by just reheating the food. Believe me it’s better than frozen foods which are available in the market.
Another thing that you can try is, make some nice hearty soups for you. Soup recipes are not just healthy and nourishing but it’s super easy to make too. Just boil some veggies, chicken or chili (beans) together or blend or you can also have the way they are i.e. if you like chunky pieces in your soup. You can store soups too, and again they are better than canned soups or prepackaged soups.
What else one can do?

I believe in planning. If you have planned for the week, and knows what you will have for the rest of the week. It will not just saves plenty of time but you will avoid eating junk foods outside too. I know, I know being a student or living alone is really difficult to decide upon the menu, but you are doing it for your own benefit.

If you like to work out like me, you will realize that every diet plan talk about healthy eating. They never ask you to eat junk but surely ask you to eat meals on time. In healthy eating the things you can have are – Soup recipes, Salads, vegetables and multi grain dishes like oats, quinoa, barley etc. Just take a pen and paper and make a chart what you will have for that whole week. You can make this plan on weekends easily. Stick it on the cupboard of your kitchen and that’s it. Make some easy recipes on the weekend itself and store it.

Other than this, you can surely try some of the recipes on slow-cooker. Just put the ingredients in the crock-pot, set the timer and leave for a day. When you will be back from college or work, warm and soothing supper will be waiting exclusive for you.
Another interesting thing that you can do is, be creative with the leftover you have in the refrigerator. Try to make a recipe using those lovely leftovers. And here you can try some really interesting blends too and you never know when you will be ready with a new, innovative master chef recipe. Interesting isn’t it?

Lastly, what you can do is follow or subscribe such blogs or websites which offers interesting recipes and dinner ideas to student and to single people out there. They will send some interesting newsletter or recipes and ideas which you can use whenever you are out of an idea or recipe.
I hope you liked the tips above. At times, sharing your views and thought really help each other to come up with yet another interesting one. You can also share your meal ideas too over the comment below.

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