Monday, 16 June 2014

Five Different Variants of Our Humble Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is one of the dishes which can be served in any occasion. I mean it is hit for the party and for a nice quite family dinner. What more, pumpkin soup is a hero during Halloween time. There is no hard and fast rule for making pumpkin soup however, so many variants of pumpkin soup are available online and otherwise.

I like to experiment with my pumpkin soup and over a period of time, I have got a great understanding of the flavour which go well with pumpkin. Cold and hot, both the variants are available in this soup. You can pick as per the season. I mean, hot-creamy pumpkin soup can be delight to have in a harsh winter evening. 

Today, I will be sharing the top five variants of pumpkin soup which I have collected-

  1. Pumpkin beer cheese soup- if you want to have a soup with an added zing to it, then this soup is for you. This soup is amazing for winter night as it has lots of cheese and that amazing flavor of zing which is to die for. Needless to say, do not serve this version of soup to your kids. This is the adult only soup…. J. To get the amazing recipe of this soup, click here.
  2. Roasted pumpkin soup- if you do not like your pumpkin soup to be very heavy than this soup is meant for you. This is a very light version of pumpkin soup and suitable for the old age people. This soup is full of nutrition’s and the addition of chicken broth further increase the overall value of the soup. To get the recipe of this soup, click here.
  3. Coconut pumpkin soup- if you like the flavor of pumpkin in anything you eat than this soup is a must have for you. The flavor of coconut goes very well with the pumpkin and it also increase the nutrition value of the soup. You can even replace this recipe with sweet potato and butternut squash.  Click here to cook this amazing soup in your kitchen.
  4. Black bean pumpkin soup recipe- This soup is a great delight for the people who like to eat their soup. This soup has chunks of pumpkin pieces and black beans. It is always advisable to not put this soup in the blender because it will cause lots of flavour mix-match. This soup is meant to be a chunky and eatable soup. Enjoy this soup and get the recipe of this soup here
  5. Pumpkin ginger soup- This variety of pumpkin soup has it all, ginger, coconut milk, roasted pumpkin etc. This soup can be ready in just 3 simple steps. You must have this soup when it is hot otherwise the flavor of ginger may overwhelm you when you are having this soup cold. To get the recipe of this soup, click here
Variety is the spice of life. At least, in terms of pumpkin soup this sounds true. Try all the flavors of this pumpkin soup before declaring the winner and once you have the winner, do let me know as well!!
Till my nest recipe, do not indulge yourself in unhealthy eating. Stay happy and fabulous!!

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