Thursday, 10 July 2014

Who says soups are for winter? I say, soups are for every season

My mother always used to say that soups are the nectar for winters but last summer when she came to stay with us for a while I also served her the soup. She was amazed, she though that I had lost it big time. When I told her the concept of summer soups, she was totally zapped.

I love soups and I don’t think they should be restricted towards winters only. I think they should be taken in all the seasons because soups from immunity to our body which is not required in the winters but in spring, summer etc. as well.

So, today I am sharing my best 3 summer soup recipes in this blog. Let me know what you feel about summer soups, perhaps I may think differently about them-

  1. Spicy corn summer soup- this soup is very similar to the Indian dal soup we order in the restaurants. I like it hot but you can also cook this with less spices. It takes about 25 minutes to cook and you can add the ingredients of your choice. If you have limited knowledge about Indian spices than I would suggest to stick to the ingredients mentioned here only. This is a standalone soup or if you want you can serve this with bread loaf. Either ways, you will love this soup. Click here to get the recipe of this soup.  
  2. Cucumber and yogurt soup- this soup is actually ready in 10 minutes but then it also depends how much cold soup you like. I liked mine chilled so I keep this in a freezer for about 20 minutes. This soup is very refreshing as it has lemon, yogurt, cucumber, mint, olive oil etc. It is so healthy that it can be eaten on regular basis especially in the afternoon. You can get the complete recipe of this soup by here.
  3. Apple and fennel soup- from the name only, it gives the feeling of the summer soup. This soup is an amazing combination of apple, fennel, mint leaves, thyme etc. to my kids, this taste likes the apple smoothie with mint. I also serve this dish at my younger son’s play date. All the other kids just love the combination of flavors which this soup has. This is also a very interesting way to feed your kids with healthy fruits as they really don’t make funny faces while drinking this soup. To get the recipe of this soup, click here.

Try anyone of the soup and then tell me whether soups are only meant for winters? You all will fall in love with this soup and that’s my promise. My mother cooks a summer soup regularly now. I will share some of her invented recipes in my future posts as well. 

Till my next post….enjoy summer. Go out, play, spend time with your family and spread smiles… J. Take care!!

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