Monday, 21 July 2014

2 Best Sauces Which Can Save Any Bad Day In The Kitchen

We all can have a bad day in the kitchen when nothing seems to work. These days can also come quite often and the stress can kill us then and there on such days. I have been emphasizing on the need of creating a weekly menu and planning things accordingly.

However, if you also belongs to the family of non-planners (don’t worry, it’s not a sin) then at least you must have 2 basic sauce in your fridge always. No, I am not talking about the 5 mother sauces. Although, it is very good to have them handy always. Right now I am talking about the two sauces with which you can cook things easily in the kitchen.

You will always find Alfredo sauce as well as tomato sauce in my kitchen. Now you will ask me what is Alfredo sauce? And why I am talking about it with the 5 mother sauces. First of all, I would like to tell you that this sauce goes well with any and everything. You can use it with pizza, wraps, pasta, nachos, chicken etc. It is easily pair able with almost everything. Hence, keeping this in the fridge and cooking with it is easier.

Also, this sauce has a shelf life which means that I can make this sauce in bulk for a week and cook with it whenever it’s required. I have been making this sauce in straight 10 minutes from the last couple of years and with practice you will also be able to make it. If you have kids who love cheese (I guess, everybody does) than you can add some cheese into it and make an extra cheesy sauce.

This sauce also goes well with boiled vegetables and enhance the flavor of it. You can also create lots of side dishes with the help of this sauce. You can look for the recipes online for cooking Alfredo sauce. They are very easily available. Even you can serve this sauce with shrimps and fish. This is a kind of wonder sauce which is eatable with everything.

Now, the next sauce which I have mentioned above is a tomato sauce. Who doesn't swear by the taste of it? This sauce can be used as a base sauce in so many recipes including the meatball recipe, if you are using the frozen meatballs. One can also mix the ripe avocado and create a very nice dip with this sauce. The recipe for cooking a delicious tomato sauce is easily available on internet.

In my further post, I will write more about the recipes which can be cooked easily by these sauces. Do, write back if you need recipe of any specific dish. I will write that for you.

Till my next post. Stay healthy, stay fit!!

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